Sunday 17 June 2012


The exercise may have been originated by a man named Lieutenant Thomas Burpee (1757-1839). He was an officer in the New Hampshire Militia during the American Revolutionary War and was described as “having the innate Burpee fondness for martial exercises” in A History of the Town of New London, Merrimack County, New Hampshire. Lt. Burpee may have used the combination of pushups and squat thrusts as a means of drilling, conditioning, and disciplining the troops under his command. In addition, the exercise may have also been used by the troops as a way to stay warm during the winters in wartime New England.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the burpee originated in the 1930s when Royal H. Burpee, an American psychologist, designed the exercise as a test of agility and coordination.

It doesn't matter how they were fracking invented. Schwinners, Keyser Soze and MarkT own the website 100 of them for having a birthday. On the WT forum we have a rule that if you reach a birthday, you give the forum 100 burpees. It counteracts the cake and rids the body of hangover.

Maybe, Schwinners will post a video of him doing 100 burpees tomorrow, or will he not? Is he man enough to follow the rules of his own forum?

Burpee Smart, Charlie.

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