Saturday 16 June 2012

The Outlaw Method

Given the $250,000 first prize, the Crossfit (CF) Games is attracted a bit of attention from strength and conditioning "gurus." Like football teams and managers the emphasis is turning ever so slightly to the coach when results are considered.

Rudy Nielsen of The Outlaw Way is one of those guru's. A bearded man (which gains instant respect) whom programmes for CF athletes. A quick read of his site and his Outlaw Doctrine will inform you of his methods, a brief scan of Dumbass Noobs FAQ will further educate you of his feelings and attitude.

Its a great site for taking CF a little more seriously if seeking qualification for competition. Its informative, clever and most importantly - the dude does make me laugh occasionally.

Finally, well done England. If you want an example of athleticism, just look how high Carroll got to nod the first goal:

Train Smart, Charlie.

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