Saturday 29 August 2009

Workout of the Week #39

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Set a timer for one minute
In the first minute, perform 1 pull up
In the second minute, perform 2 pull ups
In the third minute, perform 3 pull ups
In the fourth minute, perform 4 pull ups
In the fifth minute, perform 5 pull ups
In the sixth minute, perform 6 pull ups
In the seventh minute, perform 7 pull ups
In the eighth minute, perform 8 pull ups
In the ninth minute, perform 9 pull ups
In the tenth minute, perform 10 pull ups

Total time of 10 minutes and total of 55 pull ups.

Pull ups should be strict and from deadhang. As I know this is not possible for everyone to do over all 10 sets, do the following:

- Perform as many strict deadhang pull ups at the start of each set
- When you can no longer do deadhang pull ups within a set, finish the set with jumping pull ups. Then go back to deadhang pull ups at the start of the next set.

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