Monday 20 April 2009

Workout of the Week #20

Last week's workout of the week was a bit of a leg killer! The workout was as follows:

Use a football pitch or the dimensions in brackets:

(starting at goal line)
Lunge walk to edge of penalty area (~20m)
Run backwards to goal line (~20m)
Bear crawl to half way line (~50m)
Run backwards to goal line (~50m)
Sprint to other end (~100m)
10 burpees
Jog back to start (~100m)

5 rounds for time

Here were the times from those who participated this week:

Schwinners - 19:04
No9cvd - 20:29
Fozzi The Bear - 21:37
Flash - 22:23
Anne - 26:20 (4 rounds)

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