Wednesday 19 November 2008

Workout of the Week #3

Today was the third installment of our workout of the week. This week, we opted for a simple, yet ass-kicking workout - 100 burpees for time. The burpees were Ross style - press up and jump as high as possible with each rep. Additional weight was optional. Here are this week's results:

No9cvd - 9:35
Schwinners - 13:17 (with 15kg weighted vest)
Flash - 15:01 (with 10kg weighted vest)

Great effort guys - 100 burpees is a difficult challenge at the best of times, let alone at 6.30am!

As today's workout was related to burpees, I'll leave with a link to an old blog entry about burpees, and an old burpee video I did for the website.

Blog entry - Burpee Bonanza (videos included)

Video - Burpee Conditioning

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