Wednesday 15 October 2008

Where do we get our training ideas from: Part 3 – Other Websites

So far, I've written about Rosstraining and Crossfit. Whilst this is where we get the majority of our training ideas from, there are a whole host of other websites and blogs around the internet offering great ideas. I'll run through a few below:

Gym Jones
This is a great resource for training ideas. Each day, the website is updated with an entry showing the training they've done, so there are hundreds (if not thousands) of workouts on there. Gym Jones trained the actors in the film "300".

Beast skills
This site is full of in depth tutorials on how to perform great strength exercises, such as the muscle up, one arm chin up, pistols (one legged squats) to name a few. Each tutorial explains how to perform the exercises, progressions to build up to the exercise if you cannot perform it, common faults, etc.

A great blog by one of our members, Gubernatrix. This touches on all aspects of strength and conditioning, with many comprehensive guides including exercise how-tos and routine generation. It also includes information on books, nutrition, and also discussion surrounding the perceptions about women's weight training.

Although it's not a specific strength and conditioning website, Youtube can be a goldmine for training ideas, as it is used by most people from around the world to upload their training videos. Tread with caution though, because anyone can make a video (whether qualified to or not), so copying them could result in injury.

This list is not a complete list – there are plenty of other great sources around the net, some of which can be found on the links page on our main website.

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