Saturday 27 September 2008

Where do we get our training ideas from? Part 2: Crossfit

Today, I will talk a bit about Crossfit. As they say on their website, Crossfit "delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive" and "is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience". The program is not changed for different individuals, only the load and intensity are varied based on ability.

On the Crossfit website homepage, they post a "Workout of the Day" (or WOD). Many Crossfitters follow this religiously, whilst others dabble in the WOD every now and again (including me!). A lot of the workouts have names, including those named after girls and heroes (those who have sadly died in combat). The workouts are summarised here.

Although based in America, Crossfit has a following across the Atlantic, with various Crossit affiliates are dotted around the UK. The timing of this post happens to come just over a week after Crossfit hosted their certification in Manchester, England.

Here are some useful links to find out more about Crossfit and get stuck in:

Crossfit - the main website for Crossfit. It includes a daily WOD, descriptions of the workouts, instructional videos, journals and much more.

Brandx - the official site for information on scaling Crossfit workouts.

Funckey - a UK based forum, whose members are mainly Crossfitters. Special mention to Crossfit Reading, Derby, Central Scotland, West Sussex, Ireland - those who run each of these affiliates regularly post on Funckey.

I'm based in Essex, and unfortunately there is no Crossfit Essex! So everyone get on board, support your local Crossfit, and then maybe the popularity will spread and result in me getting a local Crossfit ;-)

Here's a video of one of their benchmark WODs, Fran, to give you a taster of what Crossfitters do:

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