Sunday 2 November 2008

Pain is temporary, but pride lasts forever

I logged on earlier and saw that my last blog post was on Wednesday October 15th... So the purpose of this post is to (hopefully) make me realise I need to update this more often!

As that paragraph can't really constitute a blog entry, I'll leave you with a video I saw earlier on a thread on the Forum. I think this sums up the phrase "Pain is temporary, but pride lasts forever".



Per Rommetveit said...

Hello, It is the squatter here. I saw the link to your blog from my youtube account (kraftsportNO). I am happy too see you choose to write about my squatting.

Best regards,
Per Rommetveit, Norway

Schwinners said...

Hi Per

Thanks for your comment! Hope you don't mind me using the video in this blog :D