Thursday 5 July 2012

Next Warrior Week?

To date, we have run two Warrior Weeks.  This is a 5 day week of 1 workout set per day.  Anyone can join and do the workout.  The results are submitted to me and I post a league table the following day.  Most points wins!  It's all a bit of fun and gets a lot of banter going.

To read more about previous Warrior Weeks, check out:

Warrior Weeks 1 and 2

So the question is, who wants a Warrior Week 3?  Comment and let me know and I'll get my thinking cap on :)

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keyser said...

when are you thinking of having it?

Neil said...

Dont have a lot of equipment anymore but if I can, ill be in this time.

Charlie said...

Next week, we always pee around and not get it done.