Saturday 14 July 2012

Charlie's Weight Loss

So I was about 82kg, but this is not a great weight for a -75kg Strongman competition. I have though found a good weapon for weightloss - diet.

Yes, its surprising. By eating healthily I've found that I perform better and the weight falls off.

I use Zoe Harcombe's phase one of her diet. Its nasty, but it works. You have to completely cut out:

- Caffieine
- Grains
- Potatoes
- Dairy (other than natural yoghurt)
- Nuts
- Sugar
- Fruit

In other words, anything in life that is nice to eat other than meat. The idea is that you can eat as much meat and veg as you want and for me that can be a fair amount. In 5 days I lost 8lb roughly. The shock to the body in the first days is substantial. The lack of caffieine blew my mind. The headaches were horrendous.

By day 3 the cravings for caffieine and sugar had subsided and I started to enjoy it a bit more. I had a plan and it worked:

- Eggs and/or bacon for breakfast.
- Got a whole roasted chicken from supermarket and had it with salad leaves for lunch.
- Made a huge paleo chilli and had it with veg in the evening.
- Drank green tea and water.
- Natural yoghurt for dessert.

The main thing that made it work was preparation and planning. I didn't want for anything over the five days. I'm doing it again this week, but this time I have perfected the art of Jerky making. It has been brilliant. Jerky is so expensive in the shops, making it yourself makes it much more budgetable. It is an excellent source of quality snackage. (I just ate all my allocation for the shift - it was too nice.) I hope to make a spicy one soon, oh yeah. Nom nom. I will share my jerky secrets with you soon.

I have 2 weeks until the competition and I need this weight off. In the long run I'd like to be -75kg anyway as I feel I perform better at this weight. Having done a lot of strength work recently, I feel a hankering for some endurance challenges. The Tour De France has lit my fire.

Tough Guy 2013 anyone? Serious.

Se debrouiller, Charlie.

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Anonymous said...

It the harcombe diet for men book you using?