Friday 29 June 2012

Training Consistency

Having been strength training consistently since Christmas, I had a go at testing some 1 rep max lifts today.  Since the last test a few months ago, I had added 5kg to my bench (90kg), 12.5kg to my squat (130kg) and 5kg to my deadlift (175kg - although this was a random attempt about a week ago).

I'm the kind of person who loves to try out new training and so consistency is something I have always lacked, because my training would change so often.  I now have a focus and the numbers are telling me it's paying off.

When my alarm goes off at 0530 to train at 0600 before work, or after a long day at work, I keep making excuses until it gets to 2230 and I think "F*** it, just go and train": I must always remember that maintaining consistency really pays off and to make sure I get it done.

I will try to post up a video of my (still relatively low but ever improving) lifts from today's session in the next few days. 

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