Saturday 2 June 2012

Forum Member: Jules

WT's forum is chock full of top dudes and dudettes and I love to big them up whenever I can. Jules, however, she doesn't need any bigging up. Her committment to training is legendary. Last time I saw her she was at the Crossfit Games regionals:

That is literally how I found her, upside down banging out HSPU's. A few months later an article was published about her on the Crossfit games website:

The Jewell that is Jules Sterling

Now in my journey of strength and conditioning, I have met some great people. I love the community and the support the community provides. Jules is one of those people. WT is proud to have her on the board.

If you want a place to come and post your training and talk about the finer points of S&C, join the WT forum. All we can promise is a nice friendly informative atmosphere with some great people who have a genuine love for training.

It was the best decision I ever made.

Train Smart, Charlie.

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