Sunday 3 June 2012

Damien's Odd Lift No 4

Odd Lifts Week 4

not a lot to say about this one, looked really hard and it was! thought I might get 20kg a hand but only got 17.5 in the end and even that was bloody close!

also any jokes about my belly or me needing a bigger t-shirt or I'll find you and make you listen to my little brother tell you how awesome olympic weightlifting is! you don't want that people, trust me.

E8. Crucifix
Two evenly loaded dumbbells or kettlebells are used for this lift. The lift begins at the lifter’s discretion. The dumbbells are taken to arms’ length overhead with the palms of the hands facing each other and dumbbells touching. The lifter must bring the feet together so the heels are together and touching. The body must be upright at the start of the lift. Once in this position, an official will give the command to start the lift. The lifter will then lower the dumbbells to the side with arms’ straight and palms up. Elbows must be fully locked. The lifter may lean back to any extent when lowering the dumbbells. The wrists do not need to be held straight. The legs must remain straight and knees locked throughout the lift. The heels must remain together and the heels and toes must not rise during the lift. Once the arms are parallel to the platform, and the dumbbells motionless, an official will give a command to end the lift.

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