Sunday 10 June 2012

Damien's Odd Lift No 5

Odd lift week 5
one arm clean and jerk

did this one today towards the end of my session at Crossfit Reading. nice lift but keeping it under control at the clean is really hard. I found two ways of doing it. firstly with you hand facing you, as you would in a normal barbell clean. it's very easy to clean in this manner but hard to keep under control at the top before jerking. in the end I settled for the second option of doing what looked like a bicep curl from the floor. only got up to 40kg on this one

A9. Clean and Jerk – One Arm
The rules of the Clean and Jerk apply with these exceptions. Only one arm is used to perform the lift. The bar is gripped in the center by one hand and may be cleaned in front or cleaned to the side. Any grip may be used by the lifter. The bar must be cleaned to the same shoulder as the lifting arm in a single movement. During the clean, the bar must not touch any part of the legs or torso. In receiving the bar at the shoulder, the bar must not make contact or rest on the shoulder or chest opposite to the lifting arm. The center of the sternum is the line of lineation. The non-lifting hand may be supported on the thigh or knee of either leg but must not contact the bar, platform, or lifting arm during the lift or it will be a disqualification. With a single distinct effort the lifter will jerk the bar to arms length above the head. The non-lifting hand must be clear of the body upon completion of the lift. The bar may be in any degree of rotation when overhead. Once the bar is overhead motionless, the lifter’s body in an upright position, the feet parallel and in line with the
torso, an official will give a command to lower the bar. Both hands may be used to lower the bar. The lift ends when the bar is returned to the platform under control.

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