Monday 11 June 2012

Crossfit Football

Crossfit Football is a site that I have followed since its inception. As a rugby player I find its advice and training very effective. Its creator, John Welbourn (pictured above) is an ex NFL offensive lineman and his goal is to produce powerful athletes using programming for strength and power.

The daily Workouts Of the Day (WOD) consist of a Strength WOD followed by a daily WOD. This, coupled with his Q&A site "Talk To Me Johnnie" produces a solid base for any power athlete.


I had a go at Damien's odd lift today and I found myself distinctly lacking. The videos of the lifts I attempted included many rarely used Anglo-Saxon words. Some began with "F", some "S" or "B". The ability to lift a barbell in the serene posture of Schwinners has alluded me. I will return to the scene of the crime, however, and try to clean and press a barbell without looking like a broken daffodil in a stiff breeze.

Either that or not swearing so much...

Train Smart, Charlie.

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