Wednesday 2 May 2012

Schwinners' Home Gym

Over the coming months, I want to put up a few posts showing our member's home gyms.  Today I will begin with my own.

What looks like a normal (albeit DIY custom made and fit) garden bench...

... Is in fact my home gym!

And if you look on the other side of the garden, you will see a squat rack masquerading as a bush, and my homemade weight bench hiding on the deck under our garden table:

Set it up on the patio and then I have a full home gym where I am able to squat (with spotter bars/trestles) or press out of the rack:

Bench press:

Or just have the weights on the patio to deadlift, powerclean, etc.

The majority of the equipment was homemade, bought second hand or reduced so I have no problem with it rusting - I find it adds character and at the end of the day, weight is weight!

Until the next time...
In training, Schwinners

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