Monday 14 May 2012

Damien's Weekly Odd lift No.1

Hack Lift

For the first of the odd lifts I picked what I thought would be an easy lift, the hack lift. The description of the lift from the USAWA rule book are listed down the bottom of the post but basically it's a deadlift but the bar starts behind your back. I worked up to a very ugly 160kg in this even though before I started I would have guessed at 180+ but this is deceptively hard. I think shoulder mobility has a lot to do with this, looking back on my video I think I should have started the lift with my shoulders back and in a much more upright position, similar to the starting position of a trap bar deadlift. I think oly lifters should do well at this one!

B16. Hack Lift
The rules of the Deadlift apply except that the bar will be placed on the platform behind the lifter, and will be lifted behind the lifter. Any grip may be used. The bar may touch the calves and the rear of the upper legs as it rises. Should it bind against the upper legs, the bar may be stopped momentarily while a hip adjustment is made. The bar must not be lowered during the adjustment.

A word of warning though, I already feel plenty of bruises coming on the back of my thighs where I hit it on the way up every time. Also be extremely careful not to smash the bar off your calf on the way down... again I did this.

Below is the video of my 120kg lift and the description of the lift. Next week I will be back home in Ireland so I will get my little brother involved in the action. Just have to make sure I pick something I can beat him at!

Written by Keyser Soze.

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