Monday 28 May 2012

Damien's Odd Life No. 3.

"Odd lift week3
Clean and Seated press
Interesting lift this week but very good. The seated press actually feels easier than standing military press but it's still the limiting factor. I worked up to 80kg but don't think I could have gone much higher."

A19. Clean and Seated Press
The rules of the Clean and Press apply with these exceptions. Once the clean has been properly performed, the lifter will sit on a bench, chair, or other similar support. The lifter’s back must be totally unsupported throughout the lift. The feet must not be positioned where there is contact with the seat or seat supports. The feet must remain flat throughout the press. There is no restriction on backbend during the press. Once the command to press is given, the lifter must not change position on the seat. Once the press is complete, the lifter must be in an upright position on the seat.

Great stuff , Damien. I'm off to Charlie-Gym for a quick odd lift. I will post to comments my results.

I have decided to go back on the Wendler 531 to break through a plateau on my lifts, going to dial it back a bit and recalibrate my form.

Train Smart, Charlie

Ps: There is a deliberate mistake in this post.

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