Monday 30 April 2012

Ross Enamait -

Ross Enamait ( is one of the great inspirations for Warrior Training. His "low tech-high effect" training has been part of our forum members' make up since WT's inception.
Take a look at this Rosstaining video to see that Ross definitely walks the walk:

A retired boxer turned strength and conditioning trainer, Ross provides training advice for anyone. His methods are cost effective and simple. The Rosstraining blog and forum are a great source of information and guidance. His books are chock full of great training information and sold at a very reasonable price. He has also written some great articles.

Personally, this is where I started my journey towards training enlightenment. I have all of his books and can attest to his methodology. Whenever I need to light a fire under my training, I reach for one of Ross's books.

Ross is also a damn nice guy, always replies to emails and as video shows he test drives his ideas himself. Truly a WT hero.

Train Smart, Charlie.

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