Sunday 29 April 2012

A New Dawn for WT...

Following Schwinners's announcement of the change of tack at Warrior Training (WT), I thought I would write a quick piece further establishing the mission statement for the blog.

The aim is to provide entertaining and informative content for those interested in strength and conditioning. and to provide it daily. Through doing this, and catergorising it, WT will build a bank of interesting articles and reference material.

Having been an avid trainer for many years now, I have had the opportunity to experiment and try many things. The information will be from quality sources and not breach any contentious issues. It is not our aim to give opinion or to tell anyone what to do, just to provide good information for athletes looking to improve their training.

I have been mining the internet for juicy morsels for your delection. Should we run out of material I have an emergency cache of Davie photos which will keep us going.

Train smart, train hard,


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