Monday 31 May 2010

Homemade Plyo/Jump Box

As with all homemade equipment, this is merely a guide, and if you decide to follow it to make your own plyo/jump box, it is done at your own risk.

We recently purchased a new wardrobe which meant I had to dismantle the old one. It was a built in wardrobe but very dated. However this meant it was built on a frame of 2x2 timber, with some 1/2" chipboard for some shelves. As I couldn't be asked to take the timber to the tip and I had wanted to make a plyo box for a while, I set about having a crack!

Here is the timber and my sawhorses (aka my squat spotters!)

I had seen this video where Mountain Athlete made a combination box that was 24" x 20", so it could be flipped over to allow it to be used as either a 20" or 24" box.

I fancied going one stage further, and having one that was 16", 20" and 24". After some drawings I set about making it. My woodworking skills are still a bit poor as I'm very lazy when it comes to cutting and measuring, but hey it seems to have worked!

Frame made all glued and screwed, with additional beams under the landing surfaces for extra stability. Then covered it in carpet (also from the old wardrobe), so I ended up with:

16" box

20" box

24" box

All in one! And it cost me time (about 5-6 hours total, because like always you run into problems!) and just screws and glue which I already owned! If you had to buy and make it yourself, I'd say you could do it for £20-£30 maybe, at a very rough guess!

Will make a video over the next few days - can't jump on it now as I did some stuff to it earlier and the wood glue needs to dry. However I did jump on it yesterday and it seems pretty sturdy! Even if not it cost me nowt and next time I would use 2x4 timber instead.

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Anonymous said...

Very functional. Great job!