Sunday 24 March 2013

Preparing food for the week ahead

My training has been going well of late. However my nutrition could do with some tweaks.

I work Monday to Friday, sometimes long days. So sometimes I make bad choices and succumb to easy, convenient food. I am no follower of a paleo, zone or other diet - I just want to eat to complement my training.

After a little youtubing I decided to make today a food preparation day. This is only for food to take to work - breakfast and dinner will be prepared and eaten at home. Here is what I did.

Firstly I cooked up two packs of chicken breasts - six in total - in our slow cooker. 3 hours 30 mins on high, with a half cup of water and some stock.  Made up a total of 575g shredded chicken once cooked.

I chopped up three sweet potatoes, mixed with extra virgin olive oil, smoke paprika, ground cumin and chilli spice and put in the oven on 200 degrees (fan assisted) for 45-50 mins until soft.

We were having salmon for dinner so put in an extra two fillets - one for me to snack on and one for Liz's lunch. Chuck in a roasting dish with olive oil, drizzle with one squeezed lemon, some salt and some fish seasoning. Cook in the oven on 180 degrees (fan assisted) for 25 minutes.

We had rice with dinner so I cooked a load extra - organic brown basmati rice. Extra for my lunches.

I did not want to prepare veg for the week so I just put in extra with that for dinner. I put the following mix of babycorn, asparagus, fine beans and carrots in a tupperware, a tablespoon of water and steamed for 3 mins 30 secs on 700W.

So here is what I have. At the back, the remaining chicken, sweet potato and rice, which will last me 3-4 days I guess. At the front I have a mid morning snack of sweet potato (one) and a fillet of salmon, lunch is then chicken, rice and veg (sauce added after I took the photo), and mid afternoon snack of the other bit of sweet potato and a protein shake.

Didn't take much out of my day but will save me much time in the week and provide me some good nutrition.

I'm no chef or nutrition expert so this was an experiment - I'll write a follow up entry in a few weeks and share some thoughts on what has worked and what hasn't.

Train hard

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