Wednesday 27 June 2012

Paleo Politics

It seems like the battlelines are being drawn. Is The Paleo Diet Christian?  Should Christian man pay heed to a notion that predates the bible?

Article about Christianity and Paleo.

It is here that Paleo falls foul of its own greatness. If put literally, paleolithic man lived nothing like you and me. Their daily goal was survival. Ours is to make sure we don't piss off the boss or to try and ignore the vending machines at work for fear of their sugary snacks.

The paleolithic diet is different to the Paleolithic Diet. Many, however, will consider the paleolithic period when considering the Paleolithic Diet - and rightly so. If it had been called the "Healthy Food Diet" would there have been such a fracas? Its a shame they can't change the name, it might just stick a bit better and allow people to start discussing a scientifically healthy diet rather than historical BS.

Anyway, I have eaten very clean for 3 days now and lost a couple of pounds. No sugar, grains, nuts, fruit or fun. Surprisingly, I have emerged on day 3 clear of my urge for sugar and caffeine. I had only planned 5 days on this diet to lose a couple of handles but now I'm thinking I can go further.

I don't crave the coffee, burgers, biscuits etc. but I'm looking forward to a good burger. One thing I have done is ignored Man v. Food for a week.

Train Smart, Charlie.

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