Sunday 24 June 2012

Damien's Odd Lift No 7

odd lift week 7
one arm deadlift, no thumb

this will be quite familiar to anyone who did the Strength & Power series last year. the lift is identical to that except the thumb can't go over the top of the bar so essentially all the weight is hanging off you four fingers.
worked up to 80 and failed at 90. video of the 70s shown below. videoed the 80 as well but Ernie, our bulldog, decided to make a guest appearance and wandered under the bar

B11. Deadlift – No Thumb, One Arm
The rules of the Deadlift – One Arm apply except that the thumb of the lifting hand must not be covering the bar. The thumb may lie alongside and touch the index finger and bar under the bar or be held in the air not touching the bar. The thumb must not be touching the top of the bar.

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