Saturday 12 May 2012

For the autodidact... Olympic Weight Lifting

Some of us here at WT spurn the opportunity for coaching. Whether it be through economic or geographic position, some of us may not have access to a coach therefore opting to learn a technique through trial and error in our own gym. This approach may be right or wrong but I reckon the modern age of technology is definitely in the autodidact's benefit.

I'm currently trying to learn a bit of Olympic Weightlifting, so today I thought I'd look at what quality sources of information I could access with a quick search of the web:

Dan John's Beginner's Guide to Weightlifting - Dan John deserves his own post. Discus thrower with a long history of strength and conditioning training.

Catalyst Athletics - Greg Everitt - Greg Everitt is a prolific writer on the subject of Olympic Weightlifting. Great website.

Mike Burgener - Mike's Gym - Mike Burgener is Crossfit's Olympic lifting "go to" man. A US weightlifting coach he runs a daily Olympic Lifting WOD.

British Weightlifting - I don't think the Brits have many lifter's, but here's our national association with details of courses/coaches etc...

Crossfit HQ Olympic Weightlifting - Youtube - lots of good vids of instruction here.

Youtube is chock full of inspiring lifts and vids.

If anyone has some other links, please post to comments. I'm always looking for new material to watch and absorb. Hopefully, with a little practice, you'll have a wobbly self taught style like me:

Train Smart, Charlie.

 au·to·di·dact (รดt-ddkt)
A self-taught person.

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