Monday 21 May 2012

Damien's Odd Lift no.2

Odd lift week 2
1 arm barbell snatch
This weeks odd lift is the 1 arm barbell snatch. good lift and will seem very familiar to anyone who has done dumbbell snatches. fairly straight forward but I've included a video and the description from the rule book. Worked up to 55kg a hand which I'm pleased with as this is more than I'd previously done a few years ago with a dumbbell

Sorry for the poor quality of the video this week. Video was also taken here on my parents farm.

A46. Snatch – One Arm
The rules of the Snatch apply with these exceptions. Only one arm is used to perform the lift. The bar is gripped in the center with one hand using any grip, but the palm of the hand must be facing the lifter at the beginning of the lift. The non-lifting hand may be braced or supported on the thigh or knee of either leg but must not contact the bar, platform, or lifting arm during the lift or it will be a disqualification. The non-lifting hand must be clear of the body upon completion of the lift. The bar may be in any degree of rotation during the lift and upon the finish of the lift. Once the bar is overhead motionless, the lifter’s body in an upright position, the lifting arm straight with a locked elbow, the feet parallel and in line with the torso, an official will give a command to lower the bar. The lift ends when the bar is returned to the platform under control. It is acceptable to use two hands in lowering the bar.

Enjoy and Good luck!

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