Thursday 17 May 2012

Damien's "Awesome Gym of Awesomeness"

Today, as a change, I hand over to Damien. I have had the pleasure of training in this facility and can attest to its functionality. And yes, all the dumbbells are bloody heavy:

Below I've listed a few pictures and a brief break down of the stuff I've accumulated over the last three years. I originally started training at home which was three houses/garages and about 4 years ago. I had been training in a local globo gym and it was fine but not for me, I liked being able to set up a few bits of kit to do circuits, listen to loud music, leave chalk lying around the place and generally shout at the bar. So I started off with a power cage, a rubbish york bar and 170kg of cast plates and since then I've acquired more space and more things to put in the space.

It's probably also worth mentioning I manage a large workshop that has builds concrete mixers so I've made a lot of my own steel equipment and I make all my own (and other peoples) atlas stones. I will do another blog post on that some day.

So with a very comprehensive gym I'm finished now. Don't be silly, I need more space and some where to put a prowler and a yoke and a reverse hyper and some monkey bars and... well the list goes on

power/squat cage with modified pull up bars and dip handles,
3x 7' olympic bars (1x bearing bar),
6' womens olympic bearing bar, 5' short olympic bar, 2" axle, 2.5" axle, 3" axle,
swiss bar, safety squat bar, trap bar, ezy curl bar,
30kg timber strongman log,  40kg steel strongman log, adjustable bench,
dumbbell handles 2x standard + 2x 2", fixed dumbbells, various pairs up to 25kg,
53kg circus dumbbell, 64kg circus dumbbell,
monster dumbbell, 22kg empty, loadable to 90kg,
HUGE dumbbell, 58kg empty, loadable to 210kg (not sure how long It'll take me to do that..),
concept 2 rowing machine, 2x dragging sleds,
truck pulling harness, weight vest, loadable to 40lbs, gymnasic rings, sandbags, from 30 to 75g, GHD,
45degree hyper bench, pair of fatgripz, foam roller, farmers walk handles,
thick handle farmers walk handles, 8kg clubbell, jump rope,
2x 80mm grip balls, 2x 100mmgrip balls, boxes from 14" to 30",
deadlift blocks, various pairs, sledge hammer,
abmat, chains, various sizes from very light to VERY heavy,
kettlebell, various 6kg to 24kg,
kettlebell, adjkustable from 6-40kg,
bumper plates, pairs from 5 to 25kg. 140kg total,
cast plates, pairs from 0-25kg to 50kg. 439kg total, 2x 147 cast plates (ok they're huge pulleys from old pumps at work), atlas stones, lots and lots and lots from 30kg to 130kg

Until tomorrow amigos,

Train Smart, Charlie

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