Wednesday 23 May 2012

70s Big is a weightlifting blog written by a guy called Justin Lasczek. His inspiration is pictured above, 70s athletes and weightlifters who didn't worry about looking trim or having a beach body. They just trained to be massively strong for their chosen sports. They also had great facial hair.

Justin believes in training hard and simply. His blog is testament to these beliefs and he now has a wide following. It is very informative with a nice easy style and he comes across as a nice bloke. Well worth a read and good inspiration for training.

Also today, saw this in the Telegraph, a great little article on Bradley Wiggins's training for the Tour De France. I love my cycling and its great to see Wiggins going all out for the win this year.

Right, I've decided to do 100 burpees as punishment for drinking beer last night. I can feel the pain already.

Train Smart, Charlie.

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Charlie Denning said...

Done the 100 burpees.

Ugh, pain.