Sunday 28 August 2011

Charlie Denning's Event Write Up: UK Strength & Power Series North Meet, Crossfit 3D Manchester, 20/08/2011

Here at (WT) we all train very hard towards our particular goals. This year I wanted to compete in the UK Strength and Power Strongman event in Manchester. Our old WT chum Chet puts together a wonderful event and, having competed last year, I was eager to compete this year. It’s a great test of one’s training and an excellent place to meet like minded people.

The UK Strength and Power Series ran three qualifying events this year and this will culminate in a final on 01/10/11 at Beaverfit in Shropshire. WT member Davie had competed in the SW qualifier and progressed to the final with a fantastic 2nd place. Jules had competed in the ladies event at Reading, and won it brilliantly, to ensure WT would have two members at the final.

Davie attended the Manchester as a Strength Shop representative, selling his wares and dishing out man love aplenty. Tom (Schwinners) was judging and stat making. However, beneath his usual cool exterior, I could see he was eager to get involved. (It was obvious, Tom)

Damien (Keyser_Soze) was signed up for the heavyweight category. John (Flash) weighed in healthily into the Middleweight category. I had planned on competing in the lightweight category. However, I was unable to make weight and ducked gloomily into the middleweight category. Mildly disappointed was an understatement.

First event was Circus Dumbbell clean and press. In hindsight, I was badly prepared for this. My form compared to others was bad. I wrenched out 8 reps at 42kg in 75 seconds. I was coached by the judges as I did the event and was slightly gutted to hear my first practice was a “no lift.” John lifted 14 reps at 42kgs - an excellent effort, whilst Damien came in and smashed 14 reps at 53kg.

Up next was a Transit van pull. I came in first again, pulling the course in 34 seconds. The speed of hands up the rope was key and hand-eye coordination was prevalent in keeping tension on the rope.
John flashed (pun) in in 37 seconds. Damien pulled a great effort and touched down in 26 seconds.

The third event was the one hand deadlift, an event I was not looking forward to with my childlike hand size. A good hook grip, pain tolerance and guts were the tools needed. Having tested in the gym and pulled a 105kg, I went in determined to let the occasion take me to the limit. I pulled 120kg. Ecstatic. John put 25kg on his PR to pull 135kg. Epic. Damien then wrenched up 145kg to take 2nd in the heavy weights. (Behind an astounding lift of 180kg.) Damien lead the heavyweights going into the last event.

The last event was a medley of yoke, farmers walk and yoke. The weights put on were heavy. Middleweights and heavy weights were moving a farmer’s walk of 90kg and 100kg respectively. The yoke was 190kg and 210kg respectively. It was a suck fest. I completed the course in 4minutes 25seconds and it was very hard, it was also one of the most life affirming moments I’ve ever had. John didn’t complete the course spent 6 minutes in purgatory. Not once did he back down, however, and he took himself to the limit.

Damien and Davie squared off in a last minute contest in the medley (my idea) due to Damien having no one to compete beside. Damien was looking fatigued at the end and took his body to the edge to complete the course.

Damien’s placing was enough to take a share of the lead in the competition. He progresses to the final to join Davie and Jules. One lesson was learnt from everyone at the event - must train harder. Now get back in the gym.

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