Saturday 30 October 2010

Homemade Ab Wheels

As with all homemade equipment, this is merely a guide, and if you decide to follow it to make your own ab wheels, it is done at your own risk.

A normal, shop bought ab wheel has two wheels together in the middle, with a position on either side to hold with your hands. Such construction means you have to do wheel roll outs with two hands at once.

Ross Enamait of has brought the idea of an ab wheel that can be operated by one hand only to the masses. He makes a homemade version here and here.

I live in England and lawnmower wheels are not easy to come by. So here is what I did - all it invloves is to take a wheel you buy in a shop, two hose clamps (available from any DIY store), and a knife/pair of scissors.

Here is the finished product:

All you need to is take one of the existing handgrips off, cut off the end so you can slide it along to the middle of the bar. Then you can place one wheel either side of it, then put one hose clip either side to stop the wheels falling off the end. And voila!

Whilst a one handed wheel roll out might be hard to do, this kind of design is useful to allow you to roll out with one in each hand. Whilst a normal roll out follows a path straight forward, having two allows you to make different paths, like "T" (similar to a "fly" like you might do with rings/dumbells), and so on.

Happy rolling!

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Ant said...

Nice idea but im still useless on the shop bought one