Sunday 29 March 2009

Video: First meet in Essex!

Today we had our first meet in Essex!

The training pretty much went like this:

1) 1 mile run wearing ~10kg weighted vest

2) 3 or 4 weighted vest hill sprints, followed by a 0.9 mile loop wearing weighted vest

3) 1 mile walk back wearing weighted vest, but sprinting each incline

4) Circuit we devised on the day:

5 SB clean & press, 32kg
10 sledgehammer swings (5 per side)
SB shoulder to 50m run with SB, 40kg
10 kettlebell snatch or swing (5 per side), 16/20/24kg
SB shoulder to 50m run with SB, 40kg
4 circuits each, taking it in turns to do the circuit

5) A lot of car pushing!

6) 3/4 hill sprints

7) Pub lunch finisher!!!

Roll on the next one :)

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